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Monday, October 24, 2022

Committing to the bit

Earlier this year I had to commit to a time for our yearly trip to Brevard and due to some deadlines at The Enterprise, the last week of October appeared to be the best time to go. Yet I was aprehensive about it because I had already used an unplanned week for my own mental health at the insistence of my second line manager (who I thought was my new manager but turned out not to be the case, which I still have to write about) because of the increasing amounts of stupidity and this would leave me less time to take off in Debtember (first world problems, I know).

Of course things were resolved at The Enterprise when I left for good and yet, here was the looming trip to Brevard. In the immediate aftermath of leaving work, I was unsure if I still wanted to go, and Bunny (who loves to travel) kept asking if we were going. I said yes, but even as late as last week, Bunny came and said that if I didn't want to go, we didn't have to.

But as I told Bunny, I had commited to the bit after watching this John Green video. Despite the grueling twelve hour drive, the freezing tempuratures (at least to us Floridians) and a change in staying location (more on that after we get there), I think the change of scenery (we're hitting peak leaf season! Woot!) and the break in routine is something I desperately need at this point.

Today, we're headed towards The Emerald City Brevard!

We have arrived!

We've arrived in Brevard!

The trip itself went smootthly. Well, except for one small disagreement about where the I-95N on-ramp was located when we were somewhere in Georgia getting gas. And the 18-wheelers hogging up the highway in South Carolina lowering our average speed for the trip. Oh, and there was the bumper-to-bumper traffic just south of Hendersonville on I-26W. Other than that, what have the Romans ever done for us? the trip was just smooth sailing.

When Bunny and I first started our yearly trips here, we stayed in the The Inn at Brevard, on the east end of town. A few years later we started staying at The Red House Inn, located on the west end of town. Unfortunately, the owners sold the place just after our visit last year, and now the Red House Inn is a private residence. The previous owners still have propery they were willing to rent out, but they're houses, and Bunny and I don't need an entire house for a vactation.

So we decided to try a new bed and breakfast, this time back on the east side of town, The Bromfield Inn, about a block away from The Inn at Brevard.

[Image of The Bromfield Inn] It's like the TARDIS—it's much bigger on the inside than it looks.

The suite we have feels like it's the size of Chez Boca.

[Image of the main room in our suite, a large four-post bed taking up most of the view] That bed is easily four feet (1.3m) in high!  That's a serious bed!

And it includes His and Hers changing areas:

[The smaller end of the changing room, where you can see the author] (Oh!  Hello!) Some space for my things. [The larger end of the changing room] Of course the larger end is for her things.

And the bathroom … well, the bathroom is getting a post of its own.

Update on Friday, November 4th, 2022

Our unfortunate review of The Bromfield Inn

Extreme bathrooms, Brevard NC edition

So, the bathroom in our suite at The Bromfield Inn. The only time I've seen as large a bathroom was at the house of John the paper millionaire of a dotcom. The entrance:

[An arched entry into the changing rooms, then an arch into the bathroom, of which you only see very little.] It's a portal into another dimension, a dimension of bathing.

Okay, it's the entrance to the changing rooms and then the bathroom. What you can't see is just how large it is.

Here's the vanity from the entry:

[A vanity with his and her sinks, beyond is the bathtub.] I really need a fisheye lens to get the scale of this place.

And the reverse shot, with me standing in the bathtub in an attempt to get back far enough to get a picture:

[The vanity from the other side, you can see a small desk just for makeup] Seriously, I'm having trouble getting everything in.

And because I've yet to fit it all in, the bathtub:

[A tub quite possibly large enough for two.] I wonder if the painting leads to Narnia?

But in addition to the his-and-her vanity, the bathtub built for two, and the makeup desk, we have the shower and watercloset!

[From left to right, in the back corner of the bathroom, the bathtub, the shower and the watercloset.] My God!  Will this bathroom  ever end?

And again, I have to stand in the bathtub to get this shot of the shower. I think it's mandatory for bed-and-breakfasts here in Brevard to have multiple shower heads. I'm not complaining; neither is Bunny.

[A show stall with two shower heads.] Two shower heads is still sweet.

And finally, we have the water closet with a piece of equipment I've only heard of and until now, have never actually seen one:

[On the left a toilet, and on the right, a bidet.] The bidet … only slightly less mysterious than the three clam shells.

A bidet!

I did not realize just how high that shoots water. Just letting you know.

And that ends our tour of the cavernous bathroom in our suite.

[The view from the bathroom back into the main suite.] And there, in the distance, is the bed in its normal habitat …

Seriously, the bathroom is about the size of our family room back at Chez Boca. It may even have its own area code. I may have to ask about that …

Update on Friday, November 4th, 2022

Our unfortunate review of The Bromfield Inn

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