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Monday, October 24, 2022

Committing to the bit

Earlier this year I had to commit to a time for our yearly trip to Brevard and due to some deadlines at The Enterprise, the last week of October appeared to be the best time to go. Yet I was aprehensive about it because I had already used an unplanned week for my own mental health at the insistence of my second line manager (who I thought was my new manager but turned out not to be the case, which I still have to write about) because of the increasing amounts of stupidity and this would leave me less time to take off in Debtember (first world problems, I know).

Of course things were resolved at The Enterprise when I left for good and yet, here was the looming trip to Brevard. In the immediate aftermath of leaving work, I was unsure if I still wanted to go, and Bunny (who loves to travel) kept asking if we were going. I said yes, but even as late as last week, Bunny came and said that if I didn't want to go, we didn't have to.

But as I told Bunny, I had commited to the bit after watching this John Green video. Despite the grueling twelve hour drive, the freezing tempuratures (at least to us Floridians) and a change in staying location (more on that after we get there), I think the change of scenery (we're hitting peak leaf season! Woot!) and the break in routine is something I desperately need at this point.

Today, we're headed towards The Emerald City Brevard!

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