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Monday, October 24, 2022

Extreme bathrooms, Brevard NC edition

So, the bathroom in our suite at The Bromfield Inn. The only time I've seen as large a bathroom was at the house of John the paper millionaire of a dotcom. The entrance:

[An arched entry into the changing rooms, then an arch into the bathroom, of which you only see very little.] It's a portal into another dimension, a dimension of bathing.

Okay, it's the entrance to the changing rooms and then the bathroom. What you can't see is just how large it is.

Here's the vanity from the entry:

[A vanity with his and her sinks, beyond is the bathtub.] I really need a fisheye lens to get the scale of this place.

And the reverse shot, with me standing in the bathtub in an attempt to get back far enough to get a picture:

[The vanity from the other side, you can see a small desk just for makeup] Seriously, I'm having trouble getting everything in.

And because I've yet to fit it all in, the bathtub:

[A tub quite possibly large enough for two.] I wonder if the painting leads to Narnia?

But in addition to the his-and-her vanity, the bathtub built for two, and the makeup desk, we have the shower and watercloset!

[From left to right, in the back corner of the bathroom, the bathtub, the shower and the watercloset.] My God!  Will this bathroom  ever end?

And again, I have to stand in the bathtub to get this shot of the shower. I think it's mandatory for bed-and-breakfasts here in Brevard to have multiple shower heads. I'm not complaining; neither is Bunny.

[A show stall with two shower heads.] Two shower heads is still sweet.

And finally, we have the water closet with a piece of equipment I've only heard of and until now, have never actually seen one:

[On the left a toilet, and on the right, a bidet.] The bidet … only slightly less mysterious than the three clam shells.

A bidet!

I did not realize just how high that shoots water. Just letting you know.

And that ends our tour of the cavernous bathroom in our suite.

[The view from the bathroom back into the main suite.] And there, in the distance, is the bed in its normal habitat …

Seriously, the bathroom is about the size of our family room back at Chez Boca. It may even have its own area code. I may have to ask about that …

Update on Friday, November 4th, 2022

Our unfortunate review of The Bromfield Inn

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