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Tuesday, August 01, 2000


Sometimes life interviens, sucking up time that would normally be used for something else, like, oh, this journal. Sorry about the lack of details, but things are already … wierd enough to warrent some comments about appearing on Jerry Springer (and yes, I do see the humor in the situation).

Things are slowly backing down to normalcy.

Well, as normal as they can be.

And you either know what's been going on, and if you don't don't worry about it.

But I found this to be oddly fitting even though it has nothing to do with what's been going on for the past month. Nothing at all.

Through Windows Darkly

But that doesn't mean I can't fill you in on some of what's happened in the past month. I now have a Windows system at home, only because of a project I'm working on. The machine was supplied by the client so it's not like I paid for it.

I did, however, have to install Windows 98 on the system. And incredibly, it took only four reboots to have a functioning Windows 98 system. I think the record (amongst friends) is about eighteen reboots to get a Windows system working. I count myself lucky.

Then I installed one of the software packages I needed, only to find it needed another package before I could continue.

I did end up at CompUSA to get some of what I needed for the project, but it wasn't as bad as some people have said it could be.

I'm still trying to get the stuff working though.

It's been only about three weeks or so.

Reading palms

We were also amused that Gates suggested that there would be meetings at which people would be pointing their tablet devices at each other and beaming contact information: he may not know that this infrared handshaking has been a reality with fanatical Palm owners for some time.

Gates & Co describe long, hard code to .NET

Then there was the business lunch to discuss issues pertaining to the project I'm running Windows for. What I found amusing was that out of six people at the table, five whipped out their Palm Pilots and started exchanging contact information and data between them all.

I was the only one there without a Palm Pilot.

But I did have my Newton.

Excuse me … phone call …


I answer the phone. “Hello?”

<click whirr> “Please don't hang up. This message could be very important to you. If you are a senior citizen … ”

I hung up.

Oh … where was I?

So that pretty much brings me up to date.

Well, somewhat.

Okay, there are still large gaps but it's either stuff I can't or won't talk about, or don't remember.

But part of the reason for the lack of updates is that I still don't have an easy method to update the journal, unlike the software I did for my friend Spring Dew. And until I get the software done, updating here is still a semi-automatic process.

I really need to get back to work on this.

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