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Wednesday, October 05, 2022

Thus spake the master programmer: “time for you to leave.”

Read enough of my posts over the past year or so, and it's clear that I am not happy working at The Enterprise. The process über alles, the overly managed and useless laptops, the bad communication (which I don't think I've mentioned, but man, I didn't expect the telephone game to be an actual strategy of a company), the so called “agile development” that is anything but agile, the twice daily scrum meetings (because my manager wanted his own scrum meeting with just the team with no other departments involved—that's the other daily scrum meeting), and the testing.

Oh god the testing.

Everything is about the testing.

Testing über alles.

And as for my actual job—development? I have modified a grand total of 71 lines of production code over a period of six months, about a third of which was rejected in code reviews as being “too much of a code change.”

So on August 26th during my one-on-one with my manager, where the topic of conversation drifted towards testing (yet again), I had had enough and decided to leave The Enterprise as I felt like I wasn't a cultural fit. I made my intentions clear on Monday, August 29th, and immediately took all my remaining time off (three weeks worth), followed by the standard “two weeks notice period,” where I was in multiple “transfer-of-knowledge” meetings. It's indicative of the thought process of The Enterprise that most of the “transfer-of-knowledge” meetings were about … testing. Or rather, the testing tools I had written and how they work.

It was time for me to leave. There were a few red flags indicating that perhaps I should have left earlier (such as the rest of my team leaving the company at the same time) but after twelve years, it was probably time.

Yesterday was my last day at The Enterprise. Today is the first day of a long needed rest. Now I just have to figure out what to do with the error code from the trap frame

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