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Saturday, November 23, 2019

I'm now apparently the source for New Age meditation neurohacking books as well

We're slowing going through the boxes and boxes of books and music. “Get a load of this book before I drop it in the garbage,” said Bunny, dropping an 8″  × 10″  × 1½″   book on my lap.

I glanced at the title. “The Neo-Tech Discovery (Zonpower)—huh.” I then started flipping through the book. Multiple fonts, hand written script, wide margins. It just looked crazy! “Let's see … ‘Commercial, non-aging I-ness immortality is achievable within our lifetime. But that achievement depends on collapsing the 2000-year hoax of mysticism and eliminating all its symbiotic neocheaters. The Neo-Tech Research and Writing Center is already undermining the hoax of mysticism worldwide and will forever cure that disease of death without anyone's support, without asking anyone to donate time or money, and without permission or control by anyone.‘”

“See, it's garbage.”

“Hold on, let me check something … ” I turned to the computer and went to Amazon. “Wow! Amazon is selling it for $200!”



“I don't believe it!”

“Trash indeed!”

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