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Saturday, November 23, 2019

If only these were Certificates of Deposit

Another day, another trip to Dad's storage unit. I thought my Dad had a ton of golf clubs, but that's nothing compared to his collection of CDs. We took home at least 13 boxes of CDs and eight bins of books.

[The cardboard boxes are filled with CDs.  The bins are books.  There are six more bins you can't see because they're behind the boxes of CDs.  Not only could my Dad own a golf shop, but he could also stock a used CD store and a used book store.  And this is a guy that tried to live a minimalistic life.  Sheesh.]

Bunny and I were of two minds about dealing with all the CDs and books. After loading both our vehicles, I was just ready to drive to the nearest used CD shop and probably double their inventory. Bunny thought we should at least look through them first. I initially overrode her idea and called two different shops. The first one no longer buys CDs, and the second one told me to call back after the holidays when he needed to restock.


So now we have boxes and boxes of CDs at home that we're going though. If you need any New Age East Asian meditation neurohacking music CDs, I'm your connection.

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