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Friday, August 18, 2017

Meat and conversation

Bunny and I decided to try Magpie Meat & Three, a restaurant in the industrial section of Brevard.

[This used to be on the wrong side of the tracks, until the tracks were removed. Now it's just the industrial side of the town.]

It wasn't immediately obvious where it was located, but we eventually asked and learned that it was behind the Squatch Bikes & Brew, a combination bike store and bar.


But like most food places around here, it's worth it.

[If they ever wanted to expand, they could always go for a loft approach.]

They also have a large selection of craft beers on tap, for those that are into that sort of thing.

[I suspect people don't drink the Stone Ruination DIPA for the taste.]

Nothing like good North Carolina BBQ for lunch.

Extreme plates, Brevard edition

As we were driving around, it looked like an interesting place. So we stopped by Mud Daubber's of Brevard. On the outside, it's a ramshackle building that looks like a stiff breeze would knock it over. On the inside is an incredible collection of pottery, all made locally.

One piece caught my eye—a plate:

[This is giving those 19th Century illustrators a serious run for their money.]

The level of detail is incredible and upon asking, I learned that the artist pressed real leaves into the clay before firing. The leaves burn away, leaving an impression that is then enhanced, giving it this beautiful 19TH Century illustrative look.

It's just an incredible piece of work.

I'm older than these are! How can they be antiques?

Another store we stopped at was the Shabby Shack Mall (no link for them—they only have a page on MyFaceGoogleLinkedBookPlusInSpace, which makes it nearly impossible for me to link to—damn those proprietary walled gardens!). It's supposedly an antique mall, but then they have stuff like this:

[A plastic Madonna doll, how appropriate.]

These aren't antiques! They're from a 1990 movie for crying out loud! They're younger than I am!


They also had this sign, which both Bunny and I found amusing:

[Those bullet holes really drive the point home.]

“Hi, I'm Sean. And I'm a globaholic.”

I couldn't help myself—I got the globe.

[I failed my “save vs. globe” throw.  Also, my iPhone identified this as a selfie—how scary is that?]

How could I not? It came with a geometrical plastic hemisphere!

[Lines, grid marks and numbers! Oh my!]

How many globes have you seen with a geometrical plastic hemisphere?

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