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Friday, June 15, 2007

Driving through Dueling Banjo Country

Our hotel is located just off US-192 in Kissimmee, Florida, and to get there, I decided, like on my last trip, to take the back roads to get to our final destination. The plan consisted of taking US-441 north to Kenansville (north of the more well known Yeehaw Junction) where we would then turn left onto Canoe Creek Road until it runs into US-192, whereby we then take another left until we arrive at the hotel.

Another aspect of this trip is that I wanted to avoid any and all chain restaurants and eat only in local establishments—my own private Feasting on Asphalt if you will. And our first stop was in Okeechobee at a place called the Brahma Bull. A rustic place, it was practically dead when we arrived mid Friday afternoon. I didn't think much of it at the time, but that could be a bad sign.

[Hindus should probably skip this place]

Fortunately, it wasn't. Bunny and I had the special, Fish-n-Chips (using perch instead of the traditional cod) and it was quite good. The coleslaw was particularly good; enough so that Bunny asked for the recipe.

I must note that the men's room theme was rather disturbing—a bull chute—I guess the clientele can get a bit rowdy there.


We then continued northward along US-441, through Yeehaw Junction til we hit the major Kenansville metro area, which consisted of a livestock feed store, a human feed store and what I could only assume was a bar. It was rather difficult to miss Canoe Creek Road, it being the major, and only interesection in Kenansville.

[The Greater Metropolitan Area of Kenansville] [Here's our turn] [The Local Hot Spot]

The ride up Canoe Creek Road was nice, although I was surprised at the high amount of traffic we encountered along the road—about one car every other mile or so. I had expected to be the only vehicle along this road.

And contrary to the title of this entry, Bunny and I encounted not one single banjo player, much less two dueling banjo players, much to our relief.

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