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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Off towards Crystal Waving Territory

It's been a rather hectic day today, mostly over borrowing a video camera from Smirk for a weekend trip I'm taking to Orlando with Bunny. Getting the video camera involved three trips to his house; first time the battery died, so he needed time to recharge it to “finalize” the writable disc inside. A few hours later, I was able to pick up the camera, but had to return an hour later so Smirk could “finalize” one more disc he forgot about.

And between all of these trips I attended Scribal Night and dinner.

Fun fun fun.

Anyway, the trip to Orlando. Bunny and I are headed to the area (taking back roads, much like my last trip) to play our regularly scheduled D&D game‡.

Saturday we're headed to a small town I first read about over 25 years ago—Cassadaga, a New Age haven of crystal wavers. And when I found out about the Nighttime Orb Photography Tour, how could I not go there? Maybe this time I'll see some supernatural phenomenon (do do de do do), unlike the last time I went ghost hunting.

Sunday, we're hoping to catch sight of the largest gator ever built on our way to the Kennedy Space Center, and then afterwards, head back home.

Should be fun, but updates may be sporadic until I get back.

‡Bob is running the game in Orlando this week since he's attending SleuthCon. His game is run over the Internet so we don't have to go, but since some of Bob's other players from the West Coast are showing up, if we do play with Bob in Orlando, we'll be able to meet these players in person.

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