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Monday, June 15, 2020

Dear Apple

You must really not want my money. I know, I know, you aren't discrimiting against my race, or sex, or religion, or the fact that I'm voting for Velma Owen for President. But I find it puzzling that this is the third time you rejected my attempt to drunkenly spend money to fix a problem. The first time I was ready to buy the K2 of Mac computers only to learn I had to buy one online—I wasted my time in coming to the store. The second time I was going to buy an iPad (long stupid story there, not worth going into) only to be shoved towards Best Buy where it was cheaper.

And then today. I've walked into your Apple Store looking to buy a new monitor. Earlier, when I went to turn on the monitor on my Mac, it briefly lit up, decided it had enough of life and immediately shut off, never to turn back on again. Granted, the monitor was from 2005, and I bought it used around ten years ago so I'm not terribly upset over it dying an inglorious dimming death.

But alas, Apple no longer supports that monitor, so fixing it was out of the question. The interface on the Mac mini it's attached to is, itself, obsolete, and Apple no longer carries the appropriate adaptors. And the other interface on the Mac mini, the HDMI port, is not supported by any new Apple monitor. So I was told my best bet was to head of to … Best Buy.

Why did I even bother coming to your store, Apple? Why do you even bother to have a store in the first place?

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