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Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Nice job Apple! You narrowly avoided someone drunkenly spending tons of money!

After some discussion with Bunny about the past two days, I figured what the hell! Let me spend vast amounts of money to fix the problem! I repent! I'm sorry Apple! You are right! I am wrong! Let me upgrade everything and maybe, just maybe, I'll get a year or so reprieve from obsolescense!

So Bunny and I head back to The Apple Store so I could spend money like a drunken sailor on shore leave. Top o' the Line Macintosh computer! It's only money!

You know, I didn't think I'd be forced to wait half an hour to spend vast amounts of money, but then again, Apple has more money than God these days …

But wait I did. And while waiting, I looked at various Apple products and came to the conclusion that I really didn't need the Top o' the Line model—I could live with the K2 of Macintosh computers.

Eventually a helpful employee wandered my way, and I pointed to the K2 of Macintosh computers I wanted. “We can certainly sell you that.”

“But I want more memory in it,” I said.

“We certainly can't sell you that here.”


“What you see is what you get. Custom orders have to be ordered on line.”


“Really. You can order it at home, and have it delivered at home, or you can select to have it delivered here at the store.”


“But if you want, you can buy it online here.”


So, why did I go to The Apple Store in the first place?

Yeah, that's right—to buy a computer!


I select the K2 of Macintosh computers and then get to the point where I need to sign in with my Apple ID. Only I don't remember my Apple ID password. Bunny saw the option to reset my password but that doesn't help me as I need to check my email to get a link to click to authenticate the request and yada yada short story I'm not in a position to check my email.

Double sigh.

So not only would I have to wait to get the K2 of Macintosh computers delivered, I couldn't even order it from The Apple Store! How lame is that?

A few hours later and I've come to my senses. I can upgrade the memory in my Mac mini from the paltry 2 gigabytes (Paltry! Ha! I remember the days when two gigabytes was considered gigantic. Sigh) upto 16 gigabytes, which is a heck of a lot cheaper than buying the K2 of Macintosh computers. I can upgrade to the latest and greatest operating system for free (and spend the next six months loathing every minute of it). And I get to keep the built-in DVD player!

I'll get my ring tones back yet!

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