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Monday, June 10, 2019

Extreme excitement, Brevard edition

So this is happening, right across the street from where we are staying:

[Burning down the house!] [And you thought it was bad from the front!]

And now, some background.

Bunny and I arrived back at The Red House Inn late afternoon to find a letter slipped under the door. It read:

Dear Local Resident,

The City of Brevard Fire Department will be conducting a training exercise in your neightborhood on Monday, June 10th from 6:00pm through 11:0pm. Specfically, the house located at the following address will be demolished through the use of controlled burns within the structure. Ultimately, the house will be leveled to the ground.

The house is located at 279 Probart Street.

Many tasks have to be …

If you would like to see what's all involved in the training exercise, we will have a designated area where family and friends are able to watch. We greatly appreciate your support during this valuable training exercise. If you have any qustions …

There was also a handwritten addition:

Received June 10, 2019 9 a.m.

So sorry for the late notice. I
hope it will not be disruptive to
your stay. Please call us
with any concerns. Thank you,

At the time, we had no idea where 279 Probart Street was. We do now, though. And we had to modify our dinner plans a bit, given that our ability to drive anywhere was seriously curtailed.

[Not shown is the popcorn vendor setting up shop.]

It seems a developer bought several pieces of property and was in the process of clearing it to build more homes in Brevard. The house in question was bought several months ago and was going to be knocked down anyway.

[West Main Street—9 new homes!]

And here it is, a bit past 11:00 pm and the fire rages on …

[… and the beat goes on.]

First watching a total eclipse from the front porch, and now a house fire from the front porch. I have to wonder what we'll see from the front porch next time we come!

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