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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Nobody expects the Sleep Paralysis Inquisition!

I had fallen asleep at the hotel (oh yes, Bunny and I had to abandon Chez Boca for the night because of plumbing issues—no damage, but no usage of either bathroom) when it felt like Bunny slid into bed behind me. I cracked open an eye, which was tough, as I was very tired, and yet, there she was, in the other bed!

But I swore I could have felt someone—

Nay! What Devilry is this? That was when I felt the bed moving unnaturally behind me, and lo, above my head, jutting out just far enough for me to see, was the metal leg of the bed looming. Further more, said Devilry had paralyzed me.

I attempted to scream. “BUNNY! BUNNY!” But all that was coming out was “Bunny. Bunny.”. But she was unmoving, still consumed by her book. From what I could see, all she was hearing was “Zzzzzzzzzzz.”

I just knew the bed was gyring and gimbling behind me, waiting, plotting, to suck me into the Abyss. I needed to flee. Struggling against paralysis, I was able to stand up, but the bed covers were smothering me, entangling me as I attempted to move. I fell flat, face first onto the floor, which surprisingly, did not hurt. But it did knock the breath out of me and I passed out.

When I came to, I was still in the bed. Bunny was still reading her book, having known not of my plight with the Hellmouth forming behind me, nor of my failed attempt to escape it.

It was then I realized the Devilry for what it was—sleep paralysis. I may have to rethink what triggers my sleep paralysis attacks, since I was not napping when this happened.

Update on Saturday, August 17th, 2013

In case you are curious as to the plumbing issue at Chez Boca, the main drainage pipe under the house was blocked up. The services of a plumber were required to clear the clog, and even with the expense of a hotel room for the night, it was still cheaper to have the plumber do the work the next day than to pay the “Emergency Rate” Wednesday night.

As Bunny says, “the joys of being a land baron!”

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