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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The lost continent of Africa

Bunny was showing me some brochures for Florida attractions around Lake Okeechobee (most of which I missed seeing on the trip to Bok Tower) when I remembered Africa USA, an attraction, long since gone, was located in Boca Raton.

From the one aerial shot (which is oriented such that west is along the top edge) and some supplementary data, I was able to locate where Africa USA was located (I had originally thought it was a bit further south, at the intersection of 18th and Old Dixie Highway). It is now, of course, a large development of condos and single family homes.

While looking for the location of Africa USA, I was once again reminded of a long lost theme park I've come across, this time in Pompano BeachStoryland, another attraction from the the 50s. This one was a bit easier to locate, given both the aerial shot and address. It is now, of course, a large strip mall (and I wonder if this Storyland is at all related to the former Storyland in Pompano Beach).

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