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Sunday, January 06, 2002

The New Computer Room

So, here are finally the pictures from the reorganization of the Computer Room that I promised.

We start with the before pictures. At the entrance you are immediately innundated with clutter. On the floor is a Mac Classic, an IBM terminal and a DEC VT320 terminal. Looking through the doors (it's a set of double doors leading into the Computer Room) I'm even amazed that we functioned in here. The desk across has an Amiga 500 on the left and an IBM PCjr on the right, but they're buried. That yellow thing on the desk is a Nerf gun.

Looking into the far corner of the room, you see even more stuff. Stuff. Lots of stuff. On the desk shown is a huge 21″ monitor for an HP/Apollo 425t, of which I have two of them on the bottom of the stack of computers you see sitting under the desk (the top three units are a VAXStation 3100, a DEC Storage expansion and a MicroVAX 3100). The smaller screen to the right of the 21″ monitor is another DEC VT320 terminal.

This was my work area. Not nearly as bad as Spring's workarea. The desk was barely large enough to hold her computer so she was forced to use a TV tray for the keyboard (it's a black IBM PS/2 keyboard with built-in mouse—way cool). My computers are actually underneath this desk so she had very little leg room.

You can see the rat's nest of wires that were under Spring's desk. It took us quite a bit to untangle this mess, and get rid of the desks on this side of the room. And now you can finally see the Amiga 500 and IBM PCjr.

We moved all the stuff to the living room for temporary storage. Yes, there was quite a bit of stuff in there.

In this shot you can see the HP/Apollo 425ts and VAXen clearly, along with the Sun 3/80 on the floor. The desk here (it's actually a drafting table) is still in excellent shape and is staying in the room. And the vaccuum is the one Rob bought to handle the flooding crisis on Christmas Eve.

Ahhhh! Room! (the clock looking thing in that last shot is indeed a time clock that works (curtesy of the ISP I worked for, and it's sitting next to a manual typerwriter I learned to type on. Above them you can see a PC in a brass case from IBM.)

The desks were replaced with fold-out tables. Here you can see what will become Spring's new workarea. The stack of computers was later moved to the corner and my new work area. The smaller fold-out table is for the printer and scanner. Spring has set up her area, and you can see I've set up my computers under the drafting table. My work area is now uncluttered and I can even hook up the DEC VT320 terminal to my workstation. I even managed to find a place for my webcam.

I've still yet to figure out what I'm going to do with the Amiga 500.

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