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Monday, Debtember 24, 2001

Holiday Spewage

I awoke to the sound of heavy machinery being operated in Condo Conner.

I walked out of the bedroom to find Rob with a 10-gallon wet/dry vac working the area in front of his bathroom. “The bathroom flooded,” he said when he saw me. “I tried plunging, but it didn't work.”

“Nice,” I said. “I didn't know you had a wet/dry vac.”

“We do now,” he said. “Went out and bought it today.”

“Why not rent?”

“What's going to be open today?

“Good point,” I said. Rob went back to work, and I headed off to the bedroom. I went back to the bathroom (the master bath is at one end of the master bedroom) and I knew the situation was bad—water had flooded my bathroom as well.

Worse, I have books stacked all over the bathroom.

Great, I thought. I walked back out to talk to Rob about borrowing the vac when he was done. “Bad news.”

“Oh no,” he said.

It was then that Spring came home. She's dog sitting for a friend of ours for the next few days. “I have bad news,” I said.

She looked worried. “A fire?”

“No,” said Rob. “The opposite. Flood.” We then filled her in on what happened. She too, was dismayed when she heard about the books in the bathroom. Spring and I went to our bathroom and I started handing out books to her. Fortunately, my copy of Shockwave Rider (by John Brunner), a paperback, soaked up the water, keeping the rest of the books dry (okay, my First Edition copy of Cryptography Applied was wet on the back cover, but it's a slick cover so no damage was done).

Books safely out of the way, I then turned my attention to the problem at hand. The toilet bowl was at a normal level, but the water had backed up in the shower stall. I took a plunger to it, trying to possibly clear the pipes to lower the water level, but all I obtained was the shower stall coughing up a few hair balls and other assorted material better left unsaid. But the water level remained. Spring attempted to plunge, but still, the water level remained unchanged.

I then took to using the vac to soak up the water from the carpet around the bathroom door and to sucking up the water from the bathroom mat. After getting as much water out of it (several gallons) I then went outside to dump the water.

There, I talked to my neighbor. He said that this happens from time to time (although I can't remember it being this bad, and I've lived here in Condo Conner for over ten years) and that the appropriate parties have been contacted, although due to the holliday, it may take some time before the plumber comes, as our location is third on the list.

Now I really have to go to the bathroom.

Ho ho ho.

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