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Thursday, January 03, 2002

Catching up

Happy New Year. Hope this year is better (way better) than last year. We can only hope.

Still been sick, but I'm getting a bit better (yea, right—cough cough sniff). I've also been working on updating a site I took technical editorship (read: I add new entries by hand) of a year ago or so.

And Spring and I reorganized The Computer Room today. We had talked about doing this for a month or so because frankly, the space was getting tight and the desks currently employed are for the most part, hard to move, heavy and falling apart (the desk Spring was using practically fell apart when she finally moved her computer system off it). Our first thought was to use hollow core doors with cinder blocks for legs (and some extra storage space for small items) and initial pricing at Home Depot (last month) was about $50 per desk for the required materials. At the last minute (last week I think) we switched plans and decided to get fold-out tables at Costco which were about $50 a piece.

Rob and I took his car to Costco and ended up with three tables (two 73″ × 26″ and one 48″ × 24″) which would fit perfectly in The Computer Room.

Then Spring and I cleaned The Computer Room of almost all items, vaccuumed, then put the new tables in and reset everything back up. It's much better in here, although I'm a bit sad that I had to take the IBM PCjr and Amiga 500 offline (and if you know me, you probably had to read that twice—yes, I took both computers offline, although I might still set the Amiga back up). Somethings just had to go for space reasons. I'll get the pictures up later (I had borrowed Rob's camera and I need him to get them off).

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