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Thursday, September 07, 2017

All sealed up at Chez Boca

Bunny and I are preparing Chez Boca for our most unwelcome guest, Hurricane Irma. It looks like Mother Nature is really giving it to the US right up the ol' Florida.


[It's now a room without much of a view.  Not that there will be much to look at during Hurricane Irma—rain, wind, the occasional piece of debris, Margaret Hamilton riding around on a bicycle.  Besides, it's better to be safe than sorry.]

We've good our food, water, batteries and other supplies already laid in. We've got most of the shutters in place. The only ones left are the large sliding glass doors on the back porch and we'll be doing those tomorrow. As well as bringing in items from the back porch inside.

Chez Boca itself is concrete construction so it should weather the storm. I'm not particularly worried about the storm per se, but the loss of power after the hurricane passes.

That's going to suck!

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