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Saturday, August 26, 2017

Pictures from the past few days

Now that I'm rested and my computers are back up and running, I can post the few remaining pictures I would have liked to post but was unable to.

First up, when I mentioned parking right in front of the theater, I really meant it:

[Alas I could not get any closer as the city of Brevard frowns upon the sidewalk parking of cars. Bummer.]

I also mentioned that 12 Bones was located among graffiti filled buildings.

[While there is a line out the door, the staff at 12 Bones ensures snappy service, otherwise, the graffiti artists would certainly tag the parked cars for a lack of clean surfaces to graffiti upon.]

Then there was the trip to the WNC Farmer's Market, which not only had a scary honey bee mascot:

[If this is going to haunt my dreams, it's going to haunt your dreams as well.]

but also Christmas decorations:

[Don't worry, the tree will fatten up by the time Christmas rolls around.]

For nothing says “Chrismtas” like a hot August day.

And finally, I'm glad to see that Yorick finally got around to it.

[Because being dead is no excuse after all.]

Or two.

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