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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

The quest for an alien white squirrel banner

About those banners:

[I, for one, welcome our new alien white squirrel overlords.]

Yes, those banners.

I wanted to know if I could obtain one (or two). So, after lunch, I walked to the Brevard city hall to ask about them. I figured that was the best place to ask, since it was city propery the banners were hung on. Now, city hall is located on the west end of Main Street, on the south side. It's not terribly far from the Red House Inn where we're staying.

The clerk at the main window informed me that the city had nothing to do with the banners in question. No, it was The Heart of Brevard who was responsible for the banners. And they're located on the east end of Main Street, on the north side. So I walked across town.

The receptionist at the Heart of Brevard informed me that they had nothing to do with the banners in question. No, it was The Transylvania Times (the local newspaper), located just a block north of the center of town.

More walking. The general manager at the Transylvania Times informed me that, yes, they were responsible for the banners about town. But no, they had no idea of the reception the banners would make and were still trying to decide on how much to charge for them. As it was, they ran out of the eclipse T-shirts and needed to get more.

So, I left my contact information with the general manager and hopefully, I'll get an officlal alien white squirrel invasion banner some time in the future.

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