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Friday, November 20, 2015

You haven't experienced driving in Florida until you drive through Yehaw Junction

Bunny and I are headed north to Mt. Dora, Florida to partake the Renninger's Extravaganza on Satruday. Because we wanted to experience the Brahma Bull Restaurant (which we both enjoyed the last time we ate there, eight years ago) we decided to drive up US-441 and forego the fancy high speed roadways that are all the rage these days.

It was still in business and the ambiance is still the same as it was the last time we visited. On the down side, the cole slaw, which we remember as being world class, was not world class this time. It was pretty much a mediocre attempt at mediocre cole slaw. The rest of the food was good though.

The one downside of our decision to take US-441 instead of the highway system is that a trip that would have taken three hours instead took six.

[Because we took US-441, we had the pleasure of driving through downtown Yehaw Junction at 7:00 pm on a hopping Friday night.  Yehaw!]

Five if you exclude the hour we spent at the Brahma Bull Restaurant. The last hour of driving went something like this:

[sitting the driver's seat] Are we there yet?
Don't make me make you turn this car around!

I don't think we'll be taking US-441 up here again any time soon.

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