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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Phenomenal sized bathroom, itty bitty fixtures

I need to talk about the huge bathroom in the Blue Moon Room.

[Yeah, this bathroom right here.]

Huge. Easily twice the size of ours at Chez Boca. But the sink (not shown in the picture)? Tiny. That toilet? A midget would find it nice. That shower stall?

Nothing at all like the one at the Red House Inn in Brevard, which could easily fit two or more people. Nope. This one barely fit one and even then, it took careful manoeuvering to turn around.

Yeah, for the size of the actual room, you think they could have used slightly larger fixtures. Heck, moving the wall closer to the toilet by six inches, and putting the shower curtain across the room (across the rug that's there now) and making that entire portion of the bathroom the shower would have done wonders.

But no.

We get a bathroom fit for the extras from “The Wizard of Oz.”

Art, and a lot of it.

Bunny and I had our complementary continental breakfast (with hot chocolate!), and were putting our luggage in the car when we noticed just how hopping Solomon's Castle was by noon:

[Pretty popular place for being in the middle of nowhere]

We then caught the next tour of the castle, a museum containing mainly the art work of Howard Solomon, who has, shall we say, a rather punny sense of humor.

[Stained glass portait of a pirate, on a pirate ship.  Incredible!] [Waldo is hiding here somewhere …] [“Damn windmill, the lance wasn't strong enough.  I'll teach it who's boss!”] [Those are cameras along the bottom, so of course this is a picture window]
[A portait of the artist Howard Solomon] [A steampunkish Darth Vader] [The Queen of Hearts, done with scrap wood pieces] [The Dr. Kevorkian Dueling Pistols] [WMD:  Weapons of Mouse Destruction] [Picture yourself on a sailboat—yes, it's a selfie!] [A play on Norman Rockwell's “100 Years of Baseball” from scraps of wood] [Edvard Munch's “The Scream,” again made from scaps of wood] [This was described as just a plane wall.]

After the tour, we were exhausted and decided to just get on the road and head on back to Chez Boca. Contrary to some of my snarkier remarks about the place, both Bunny and I enjoyed our stay and were glad we went. The rate we paid to stay overnight wasn't that bad (I've paid more to stay at some bed-n-breakfast places over the years) but I would really recommend just coming for the museum and maybe the restaurant (what we had we liked, but it was a very light breakfast; we didn't have lunch there, but the reviews I have seen for the restaurant portion have been very favorable) if you happen to be in the area.

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