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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

MTV's The Real World: “One Last Word”

Okay, I lied. This is the last post about MTV's “The Real World” (Ha! This can be my April Fools Joke! … okay, maybe not).

There was a special “reunion” episode after the last episode of “The Real World” where they got all eight members (including Iraq-bound Ryan) together and it's painfully clear that MTV picked a volatile bunch of people (I'm really surprised a fist-fight didn't break out on set).

And we also learn what the cast has been up to since filming stopped in late November/early December:

Back in San Fransicso with her “love-forevah” boyfriend, and hardly recognized on the street at all.
Back in Miami training dolphins and swimming with his fans.
Back in Montana living with her boyfriend and working at the local college in IT, with the occasional speaking engagement.
Living in New York City persuing his acting and modelling career, and apparently making a decent living at it to help afford a $3,000/month apartment (ostensibly with roommates, more on that below).
Living in New York City and sharing an apartment with Scott, and persuing her career in singing and high fasion.
It was hard to determine from the show, but I think he's living in the New York City area, either for MTV or some other company that's allowing him to do interviews.
Living in New York City sharing an apartment with Scott (and Devyn) and persuing her career as a DJ.
Just about to leave for Iraq. He and Chet are “Best Friends Forevah!” (not only that, but he met Chet's parents out in Utah, so that makes them hetero-life partners). Also not terribly surprising (and I called this in the second episode), he and Baya are now officially “an item.” I guess his former girlfriend Belle dumped him when she found out he was headed back to Iraq.

And with that, we end thirteen grueling weeks of angst.

And no, I'm not watching this show again (well, unless I know a cast member personally).

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