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Saturday, February 02, 2008

I guess 36,500,000 days in Punxsutawney could drive one a bit batty

Odd Trivia Fact of the Day: Bill Murray experienced Groundhog Day continuously for at least four years, quite possibly ten years, and maybe even longer.

Visual notes from a South Florida Fair

We spent the day celebrating six more weeks of this sweltering winter weather at the 2008 South Florida Fair.

[Lots of food, rides and people]
[Coming around the bend it's Making Bacon in the lead …]

One note about the pig race—in the minutes before First Call, they were playing what I would swear is country-industrial music. Very weird.

[Do de do de do]
[These guys had their own portable A/C unit nearby]
[Drats!  There goes my plans on getting rich!]
[But it was sure a pretty ride!]

Notes on a conversation with The Monopolistic Phone Company Technical Support Help Line

“The Monopolistic Telephone Company Technical Support. How may I help you?”

“I need to configure my DSL modem.”

“Okay, what type of modem do you have? Is it a Linksys? A Westell?”


“Okay, just read it off the unit.”



“Zoom. It's a Zoom.”

“We sent you one of those?

“No, it's one I already own.”

“Why did you get one of those?

“Because my two previous DSL providers used it.”



“Okay then. What type of Windows do you have?”


“Um … ”





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