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Saturday, Debtember 15, 2007

Position wanted: toady

Are you tired of your hum drum routine? Want to meet new people? Get exersice? Learn to obey?

Hot up and comming supervillain, Mannar the Mind Melter, is now accepting oaths of fealty! Yes, now you finally have a chance to enter the exiting and fast paced world of amature/professional henching. Mannar the Mind Melter is looking for young, attractive, intelligent go getters, to serve his whims and follow him around in search of the next great caper!

You'll have a chance to learn valuable new skills, such as scowling and do-gooders, fist shaking, villainous monolouging, working as a team, and serving the glorious leader!

So come on, knaves, near-do-wells, rascals and raggamuffins, your future is waiting now!

To apply, please send a photo, and a declaration of fealty to Mannar the Mind Melter, as well as a short papragraph about yourself and what skills you can offer the Glorious Melter of Minds, via the provided e-mail.

Mannar the Mind Melter
Tyranny, Today!

• it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

PostingID: 501909929

Via Craigslist Curmudgeon, Support Local Villainy!

Five years ago I wondered about hiring scientists for secret projects in underground lairs and how one goes about such staffing. Well, it seems that all an aspiring supervillian, like Mannar the Mind Melter, needs to do is advertise in the help wanted section (or in these modern days, on Craigslist).

• it's NOT ok to contact this poster for employment opportunities in secret underground lairs.

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