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Tuesday, September 03, 2002

Wanted: Scientists for secret project; may be turned into Zombie

Mark, JeffK and I saw Resident Evil, a pretty standard zombie flick with not much going for it (except for Milla Jovovich in various forms of undress).

Large evil corporation is doing genetic experimentation in a secret underground lab when an act of sabotage releases a deadly virus and a corporate/millitary SWAT team, along with three amnesiacs (who are found at the entrance to the secret underground lab) go in to investigate.

What I would like to know is, where do they get all the scientists who work there? Do they put out classified ads?

WANTED: Scientist willing to work on top secret projects in an undisclosed location. Benefits include full medical, dental and hazzard pay. Applicants should be aware they might be killed, blasted into parallel universes, or turned into mindless zombies. Call 555-555-1212.

And I would also like to know is how are these large, secret underground labratories built? In the movie, the lab is situated underneath a town for crying out loud. NORAD took over five years to clear out Cheyenne Mountain and that was under orders to do it quickly. I can only imagine what building a secret underground labratory would take, both in time and money.

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