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Wednesday, Debtember 05, 2007

Need more info

I want to help. I really really really really want to help.

No, really! I do.

But when you report an issue as: is having some outgoing email issues. She doesn't rec. any error msgs. The email leaves her inbox and arrives at its destination anywhere from 3hrs to 8hrs later. Can we make sure this domain is not having issues? Maybe check the logs and be sure that the delay is not on our end?

I can't help you very much. Sure, I have the sending address. What about the recipient(s) address(es)? Which addresses are having problems? Sendmail logs around three lines per email, with the sender address on one log line and the recipient address on another log line, which makes it rather difficult to correlate senders with receivers.

Give me too much information. It's easier for me to discard what I don't need than to have to ask for more information.

Just so you know.

Also, EMAIL IS NOT INSTANT MESSAGING! It got through, didn't it? So what's the problem? Oh, you want instant results? Use IM. Or even that archaic of technologies, the phone.

Sorry about that. Just needed to vent a bit.

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