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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Africa USA fifty-four years later

This afternoon, Spring sprung a surprise straggle—why not visit Africa USA? Or rather, what's left of Africa USA.

It was fairly easy to find and get to, despite it appearing like a gated community (there were, in fact, no closed gates, and the gate house itself was devoid of anything). The only structure left from the park is a bridge, leading to an overgrown patch of land with a decaying asphalt walkway. The bridge to Monkey Island has long since fallen apart.

Fortunately for us, no velociraptors were left when the park closed.

[Africa USA—now Camino Gardens]
[Although it's not very well guarded for a gated community]
[It is surrounded by Soviet style apartment buildings]
[Making it a kind of “Soviet Bloc” if you will]
[Welcome to all that's left of Africa USA]
[Nice, but it's still a private park]
[About the only structure remaining from Africa USA]
[“Head on through to the other side”]
[Looking back at civilization]
[Reminds me of Poca Boca in a way]
[The bridge to Monkey Island is no longer around]
[although with the water level like this, you might not need a bridge to get to Monkey Island]
[Signs of civilization are nearby though]
[Some very impressive Royal Palms]
[The end of the path]
[The end of the path at Africa USA leads to the Soviet Bloc]
[Some of the vegetation overgrowth at Africa USA]
[More overgrowth of vegetation]

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[The future's so bright, I gotta wear shades]

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