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Saturday, January 20, 2007

Reference materials

Since Bunny was curious about this, here goes.

I generally do the highly technical (of somewhat long) entries from home, where access to reference materials are very close at hand (usually, behind me, although occasionally across the room). This is important because I try to make them as accurate as possible; it's usually the small details that count (like in yesterday's entry where the code sample of how I'd like to read SNMP variables has a bug that would probably prevent it from compiling if indeed, I could compile such code—I'll leave it as an exercise for the reader to find it).

And some posts require a fair bit of reference material.

[This is six inches of reference material right here]

The above photo is the reference material for a post I'm working on, which is related to the one I made about coroutines, but this time, goes into details about various methods of passing data between routines (and in case you can't make it out, that slim black volume in the middle is QNX System Architecture, and yes, the VAX, the Amiga, the Motorola 68K family, and QNX are all related in a James Burkeian way that I hope to explore in a future entry).


Parameter passing.

It should be noted that this blog serves a purpose for me, that is, it's a notebook of events, thoughts and ideas for use by my future self. As well as the occasional random person coming through here via the search engines looking for some obscure piece of data, like the SNMP MIBs required to dump a routing table from a Riverstone.

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