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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Fifteen hundred words a day. No problem.

Today is November 1st.

And that can mean only one thing: the start of National Novel Writing Month.

And like many years gone past I will yet again attempt to write a novel.

Maybe this time I'll finish.

Ha! I slay myself!

A quiet melancholy

As alluded to yesterday, The Kids are off to see their father in some far off western state for the holidays (and yes, the entire holiday season, which means we won't see them until January), armed to the teeth (and then some) with mini sugar bombs in the form of two bags of Halloweed swag and a bag of Halloween themed sugar cookies (courtesy of Bunny). But despite the quiet, and the clean kitchen sink, Spring is concerned about their absence; understandable since they're her children. So while the next two months will probably pass relatively quickly for me, they will undoubtedly pass slowly for her.


Today was a rather crazy day at The Office. First were some email issues (I'm really beginning to dislike email sendmail, dovecot and saslauth.

Then there were the network switches for a customer. Two 50 port Cisco switches (48 Ethernet and 2 gigabit Ethernet). The configuration was easy (trunked the two together via the gigabit Ethernet ports and four Ethernet ports for backup, a few ports VLANed for the public side of the network, and the rest under a separate VLAN for the private network)—it was the installation that was … troublesome.

We knew about the two 24 port switches we were replacing. We didn't know about the two cheap consumer grade switches behind a table and underneath a pile of CAT-5 cable.

So there was mounting of equipment on the wall. Ripping out of old network cables. Plugging in new network cables (we couldn't use the majority of the old cables as they were too short for our use). Tracing down some other cables. Swearing when we found the other two switches. The dangling power strip we ended up mounting on the wall. The table that fell apart and had to be reassembled.

The full installation took about four hours.

And as usual, we didn't plan on going to Denny's, but that's where we ended up.

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