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Monday, October 23, 2006

Yeehaw! We're at a junction!

For the trip back home, I decided we'd take State-60 east (even though the scariest drive of my life had been along State-60, but that was at 1:00 am with 50′ visibility and a semitruck doing 100mph right behind me—that was then, this is now, in the middle of a sunny day) and at Yeehaw Junction take US-441 south all the way back home.

[They sell good food bars there] [Steven Spielberg must have been inspired by this truck for his film “Duel”]

For such a small one building town it sure was noisy with all the truck traffic passing through.

Now, before the trip, I was told that US-27 was a very dangerous route to take, but I found State-60 and US-441 to be way more frightening than US-27 ever was on this trip (maybe because US-27 was two lanes each way the entire trip, whereas State-60/US-441 were two lanes total through this part of the state).

[North shore of Lake Okechoobee] [The lake is around here somewhere] [Ah, there's the lake!]

As we were driving home, the weather off towards the south east looked rather ominous, although the threatening rain never did materialize.

[The sky is getting darker] [and darker …]

Now, for this trip, I borrowed Smirk's digital video camera and took about an hours worth of footage over the past two days.

[Me directing the video—photo by Spring Dew]

The intent is to edit the raw footage into a video blog entry that (hopefully) will be coherent and amusing. We shall see.

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