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Saturday, October 21, 2006

Pink flamingos and burrowing owls

The plastic pink flamingo may go the way of the dodo bird.

The iconic lawn ornament is on the verge of extinction after 49 years of existence.

Union Products Inc., the Leominster maker of the kitschy rendition of the long-legged tropical creature, is scheduled to shut down Nov. 1.

Not a leg to stand on: Plastic flamingos face extinction


An American (if kitschy) icon is going away.

It reminds me of an idea I had. I wanted to run for the FAU Student Government under the Silly Party, given the antics the Student Government was going through at the time. My plan was, once elected, to buy thousands of pink flamingos and use them to form the FAU logo on the lawn in front of the Administration building. After a month or so, I would then sell off each pink flamingo as “an Official Florida Atlantic University Pink Flamingo Logo Pink Flamingo” (yeah yeah, I know—the mascot of FAU is the burrowing owl. Details, details).

It never got past the idea stage (and I never mentioned it to anyone) and now—now it'll never happen under any Student Government.


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