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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

“Meet the new boss, same as the old boss”

After writing my last entry I was curious to see if FAU still had a school newspaper. The one I wrote for, the Atlantic Sun, imploded due to a scandal involving funding from the Student Government—basically, the administration became critical of the solely run student newspaper and forced it from campus; the Student Government then turned around and gave the equipment (which belonged to FAU) and lots of money (which belonged to FAU or the students, depending on who you believe) to the former editorial staff so they could open up an student run newspaper off campus. There was a lot of controversey whether the Student Government had the right to do that.

This was also around the time that the Student Government nearly imploded—the Student President resigned under somewhat suspicious activities along with the Student Senate Speaker. Then the Judial Branch declared the recently held elections invalid which prompted the Sentate to start impeachment proceedings against all the Justices. So if the election was held to be invalid and the Justices were all impeached, then the Student Government would have ended up being a Vice President (who would have been the President at that point), three Senators and no Judical Branch at all.

Well, it's over ten years later, and I see nothing much has changed except for the name of the newspaper.

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