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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Still bad weather

With the non-event that is Tropical Storm Ernesto, Spring & Co. came back to Casa New Jersey instead of roughing it at Negiyo.

I think we're just going to get a ton of rain, that's all.

Amusing electric ham-like food product, Frontpage, Frontpage extensions, Frontpage hate, Frontpage sucks

Still busy with work as we're now in the process of moving sites to the servers in Charlotte and breaking tons of stuff in the process (“ooh, the firewall is blocking all FTP traffic, and for the life of me, if I have to reinstall Frontpage extensions one more time …”) so some of the posts I want to write will have to wait a bit.

Meanwhile, I've received a ton of spam (“So, like, what else is new?”) and some of it just tickled my fancy. I received one that had:

Standard Input:

Seems like these spammers didn't understand how to run their software properly, along with the difficulty these people have:

modifying HTML

(Clue-by-four, people! Look it up!) Then there's this one I received (and mind you, I do no filtering of my email—none—so this is exactly how they sent it):

[spam] (100) Restore your PayPal account access !

I wish all spam came conveniently pre-labled as such. But it seems some spammers are tailoring the subject lines to the domain, because I received this one:

DC Replacement of Cisco Routers- stay tuned

Which had nothing to do with Cisco routers, but given that I've talked about Cisco routers, they probably felt it would get me to open it. But my favorite one so far, is this one:

Spaghetti Wonton

I don't know—something about pancakes sending spaghetti wontons at me just struck me as being cute. Or something.

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