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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Bad weather

Still frightfully busy at work (we moved a bunch of sites to the Charlotte data center and broke email in the process—sigh) but on the plus side, Tropical Storm Ernesto will probably remain Tropical Storm Ernesto and not get any stronger. It's also passing a bit west of us (still over Florida, but up through the middle of the state) so we'll probably get little more than a bad storm here.

In any case, Spring, The Kids and Wlofie are staying at Negiyo (her workplace, and hurricane shelter rated) while I'm going to stay here at Casa New Jersey and hold down the fort (and had Ernesto been a Class-3 monster I probably wouldn't stick around here myself).

Update a few minutes later

Turns out the email issue was a firewall issue, in that the POP and IMAP services were being blocked.


So much for my checklist.

Perhaps this cellphone wants to meet Mr. Hammer?

I went back to my old cell phone because my new one developed a bad display. Unfortunately, it seems that my old cell phone is now exhibiting odd display behavior itself.

[I think I have Da Vinci's phone here]

The display is wont to cut out entirely, or the bottom half appears at the top, and the top half appears at the bottom, or (as in the case in the photo above) upsidedown and reversed.

Powercycling the phone fixes it for a while, but it's becoming more and more common.


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