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Friday, August 04, 2006

Code filled with cobwebs

Well, I misspoke. The Obligatory Email Notification still wasn't functioning properly (the actual notifications are sent fine—it's just signing up that was borked). And I suspect it's been broken since it was moved to this server (or even broken on the server previous to this one). The code was written when this site was running on tower.

It took a bit to find the actual source code (since it was written a long time ago) and I decided to update the code while I was at it (it was compiled against an older version of a library I wrote). Then it was a rather painful process of debugging the program, which mostly had to deal with typos and permission problems.


But it's now working properly.


I mentioned I switched to Clusty, but I want to go into depth as to why I switched to Clusty.

I actually found Google to be rather poor at finding particular entries. I try to do a search for “tower” and Google would maybe return a entry or two, but almost never the one I was looking for. When I did a test at Clusty though—it returned a plethora of results, much better than Google (although now Google is returning more results, they still aren't as good as Clusty).

Google is also loosing its appeal to me. What with the poor results of AdSense, its inability to search my site properly, and … well … I like the way Clusty clusters results (hense the name). And if that means Google kicks me out of Google AdSense, oh well … it wasn't paying that much anyway.

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