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Saturday, July 29, 2006

And this is a light page

Last May I took a trip to North Florida to visit a friend of mine over the weekend, and I took a Pocket PC with me to make entries during the drive.

Well, I just got a call from Smirk, who provided said Pocket PC. He just got the bill for said Pocket PC. The Monopolistic Cell Phone Company is claiming 4MB were transferred and therefore $100 is owed for data transfered. Smirk called me to ask if I actually used that much data.

I said that sounded high and I couldn't think of what I might have browsed that caused 4MB of data to be transferred, and that I pretty much just used the device to post the few entries during the drive up there and that at worst, it could have only been maybe 300K or so of data transfer. Smirk asked if I could generate a decent approximation and I said I would and get back with him.

I thought of maybe doing a test entry as if I were doing it from the Pocket PC but having the firewall keep track of the data trnansfers, then multiply that amount by the number of entries I actually posed through the thing when I realized that I still have the log files from May.

So I pulled all the requests made to my website via the Pocket PC and added all the data transfered.

Oh my.

The result was a rather sobering 2,586,760 bytes transferred via 161 requests.


And here I thought my site was rather light, what with using CSS for layout and the mostly text based nature of the site.

So I guess it's conceivable that I could have used 4MB of transfer in a few days.


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