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Monday, May 01, 2006

The Google Conspriacy A-go-go (for lack of a better title)

The more I read this site that's critical of Google, the less I understand what the heck Google is trying to do (and yes, I realize the site in question is heavily biased against Google, but unlike some other sites, this one doesn't come across like a conspriacy laden crack pot).

I always thought that Google made their money selling intranet (read: large private networks) search appliances and that the IPO was a legal requirement due to their number of outstanding shares. But from their recent filing (link via this page) they're no longer making the money they once were—perhaps they saturated the intranet search market?

I just don't understand what's going on inside Google.

Anyways, I decided to check how the Google AdSense is doing, and lo! I've made some money! I'm now up to stratospheric $8.19! I can afford lunch! Woot! I'm guessing some of the changes I've made behind the scenes have actually worked (basically, adding <!-- google_ad_section_start --> and <!-- google_ad_section_end --> around the actual content) so the Google Ads get to stay for the moment.

I also checked Amazon and while I'm doing way better with them, it's actually less money than I made in the same amount of time last year—I think the “mad money” I made with Amazon had more to do with timing than anything else.

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