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Friday, April 28, 2006

“We REALLY want your money”

Last Saturday I received my information package on “Aggressive Wealth” by Bruce A. Berman with 30 days (since they shipped) to hold onto the material before being charged $99.90 for eight audio CDs. Today I got around to calling the toll-free number to start the return and not get charged.

Amazingly I was talking with a human operator in less than 30 seconds, but I couldn't quite place the accent (Jamaican perhaps?), but the operator spoke clearly enough that I could understand even over a cell phone. I had to verify my name, zip code and email address before we could continue with the return process. Right then, the price dropped to $74.90.

“No, I want to return the CDs,” I said.

So then came the instructions—write the return code on the return package, please use a padded envelope and insure the CDs for $100 value. Am I sure I want to continue. Yup, and I got a return code.

And another price drop to $49.90.

“No, I still want to return the CDs,” I said, amused that the price of the eight CDs, retail price of over $300 has dropped yet again.

Okay, please send the package to the given address, which I had to read back to ensure I had it correct, but what about another $25 off? I can keep them for only $24.90.

“No, I'd rather return the CDs,” I said.

I was then asked why I wanted to return them. I said I was only interested in the book and wasn't expecting to get an additional eight CDs (even though the operator said they were listed on the website), and that I'll go through the hassle of returning them.

But what about $14.90? That's it, account closed.

$14.90 … so far I paid about $5.00 (lunch) and another $15 would bring it up to a nice dinner and heck, I am curious. So why not? I'd probably spend about $5 anyway sending the darned things back, and I'm still under the price of the book from Amazon.

Although I have to wonder … had I stayed on the line a bit longer, would the price have dropped even more?

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