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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Make Zillions on the Intarweb

A few weeks ago durring my daily web surfing habits, I came across one of those “Make Zillions on the Intarweb” type pages. I read through the typical sales pitch when I saw that I could order a free book on how to make zillions.

The fine print? Shipping and handling charges that totalled maybe five bucks. I figured that at the price of lunch, it might be worth it to see what the typical “Make Zillions on the Intarweb” book might be like and blog about it. So okay, I ordered it.

Consider it five bucks for bloging material.

The package arrived today.

It came with some fliers, a book and eight (!) audio CDs on “Aggressive WealthSM” with typical scenarios like real estate, Internet income and stocks. On the back of one of the fliers is:

Accepting our offer was a great decision!! [sic] Now make another one … listen to the FREE Making Money audio CD “Selling Yourself Wealthy” and begin reading your free copy of “I Got Here, You Can Too!”SM That's right, those two products are yours FREE, no matter what you decide. You received these two products FREE for considering the Aggressive WealthSM program, the proven money making audio collection that is at your fingertips.


Okay, I get 30 days to decide to keep the entire package and if I don't want it, I can send it back. But wait? What's this? Printed else where on the flier is this bit:

During your 30 day consideration period, please take the time to read your free book, “I Got Here, You Can Too!” and also listen to your free Making Money Audio CD, “Selling Yourself Wealthy.” These two products will give you a free, no obligation demonstration of our program. If you do not wish to keep the entire Aggressive WealthSM program at the discounted price, simply call our toll free customer care line at 1-877-XXX-XXXX for your return authorization number and return instructions. Return the Aggressive WealthSM Audio Collection, which is in your hands, and you will never be charged for them. However, after 30 days from our shipping date, you will be charged one payment of only $99.90 for the entire audio collection.

(emphasis added)

Nice—30 days from when they shipped it, not from when I received it. So it's probably more like 25 days or so. And it's probably best I not break the seal on any of the CDs least I can't return them. And I probably pay shipping costs back.

Nice racket.

I'll be making posts from time to time as I go through the materials. Stay tuned …

Update on April 28th, 2006

The price of admission drops $85 … I think I'll stick around.

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