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Saturday, January 21, 2006

Quick game of ketchup

I have internet access for the evening, courtesy of having to come to work. Trying to catch up on the most essential emails and such, in between working cases.

I love you people. Thank you so so so much for the messages of concern, wishes, prayers, and other good vibes, as well as information on polar bear blubber and vitamin poisoning. Thanks also for offers of assistance. We've got things covered, but truly appreciate it.

Magnet news:

On the 19th the team at West Boca sent an endoscope down his gullet, under general anaesthesia. They found an ulcer with a shadowy something in the middle that was likely the magnets. That something in the middle couldn't be gotten out. Surgery required.

The surgery occurred yesterday, the 20th, and took longer than anticipated—it was about 2 hours. rhonan had it right—one magnet had gone down the small intestine, and the other had stayed in the stomach, and they attracted. The ensuing irritation and vomiting episode caused them to begin tunneling toward each other, scar tissue forming a tube. Surgeons had to disconnect the tube, remove the magnets, and fix the holes. They were thrilled at how fixable it was, though - no ancillary damage like necrosis or sepsis or any of that. It could have been far worse.

Afterward, straight into ICU and morphine. It's not fully effective against the pain, though. He got out of ICU today and is still convalescing, no food or liquid yet. The innards have to heal first.

My weekend is starting after tonight's shift, and I'll most likely be spending all of it at the hospital. I'll certainly be there after shift tonight. Will continue to post phone-to-email-to-LJ updates as necessary and able.

Spring Dew: A quick game of ketchup

Not much more to add to this (except I don't have a phone-to-email gateway to update this site).

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