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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Cliff hanger, Part II

Today was spent at The Hospital.

Not The Hospital whose Emergency Room I dropped The Younger off at. No. That Hospital does not have a pediatric section, so The Younger was transported to a different Hospital during the wee morning hours.

Now, since Spring has already mentioned one reason why he's there, I no longer have to dance about the issue of The Younger swallowing two kitchen magnets.


Yes, plural.

Now, as kitchen magnets go, these are tiny. Think of a push pin, one used to tack notices up to a bulletin board, but instead of a metal pin sticking out of it, it has a small round magnet to hold it to a refridgerator. We're talking something about 1/8″–1/4″ across.

And he only swallowed the magnet part, not the push pin part. Just the magnet part.

It was suggested by the doctors last night that The Younger might have pica which is a persistent craving for non-food like items.

Oh, and he also got a stomach flu, as if things weren't bad enough.

So anyway, today was spent at The Hospital.

The Younger was sent through X-ray enough times that he no longer needs a nightlight and the reason for the multiple X-rays throughout the day was to track the movement of the two magnets. The concern was if the two magnets attract each other in different parts of the intestines and lodge themselves against the intestine wall. Fortunately, the X-rays showed that not only where they progressing down his system, but they had already attracted to each other and travelling as one unit if I understood it correctly.

So, once the magnets are flushed from his system, The Younger can then return back home.

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