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Saturday, September 24, 2005

Director's Commentary for “You know … like James Bond”

Hi. This is Sean Conner, director of “You know … like James Bond” and you are listening reading the director's commentary. I'm doing this commentary because Spring found this entry rather confusing. In retrospect, I can see why.

The title of this is an oblique reference to Sean Connery, perhaps best known as the original James Bond. We also have a very similar name, only difference being a lack of an ending ‘Y’ on my name. And in 36 years, it's been surprising how few people make that connection, and persist in mispelling my name (S-H-A-W-N for instance) or mispronouning it (“sē‧awn” perhaps the worst botching of it—by a Drama Teacher no less!).

Anyway, the scene opens in medias res after I had answered the phone with “Technical Support, how may I help you?” (which is were the confusion starts)

Michelle: “Hi! This is Michelle from 97.3 WKRP The Party-Hearty Hip-Hop Happening Radio Station! Who am I speaking to?”

It was a marketing call from some radio station here in Lower Sheol—I honest don't recall which one, so I made one up. There is (I hope) no radio signal on 97.3—surprising given just how crowded our radio spectrum is with Clear Channel drone stations.

Me: “Hello. This is Sean.”

Michelle: “Sean. Is that S-H-A-U-N?”

Me: “No, it's S-E-A-N.”

Michelle: “Oh.” I could hear the disappointment in her voice. The call went downhill from there. No big deal—it was a marking call anyway.

See? Almost no one gets the Sean Connery connection. Okay, granted, here I didn't give my last name, but what with Sean Connery, Sean Penn, Sean Austin (who played Sam Gamgee in the freaking Lord of the Rings Trilogy), Sean Bean (who was also in the freaking Lord of the Rings Trilogy), Sean Combs (okay, granted, he changes his name more often than Madonna changes her persona but still!) and Sean Young (okay, so her heyday was 1982's Blade Runner but she's still active) you'd think people would know how to spell Sean.


Oh, and yes, there was a glitch. This wasn't a “marking” call, but a “marketing call.” How that one got past the test audience I'll never know.

“You know … like James Bond”


Sean Conner


Sean Conner

Whoops! Credits are rolling! Gotta go. Hope you enjoyed the director's commentary for this film entry.

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