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Friday, Debtember 31, 2004

So long …

Well, here it is, the last day of 2004.

And what a year it's been—honey-filled walls, demolition of the surrounding area, a water heater on fire (how ironic is that?), four hurricanes, getting promoted two days after starting work and spam, spam, spam and more spam.

And oh, yeah … this guy.

I'm kind of glad this year is finally over.

“But they will be tasty!”

It sounds like a battle zone outside as I sit here in the Computer Room during the waning hours of 2004, looking for some guidance, some assurance in what the New Year™ will bring. Predictions of 2005, in other words.

And i come across Psychic Fred, a “cyber caster” of dubious talents who's predictions of 2005 reassure me.

Mother Nature (or, Planetary Mind if you prefer) is struggling to cleanse Earths oceans in an evolutionary plan to create new ocean species as a food source for humankind. Soon there will be some very strange looking life forms coming out of the ocean—but they will be tasty! Also, they will be a life form with minimal self awareness so that consuming them will be karma-free.

Predictions 2005

Reassure me that I shouldn't look to psychics for reassurance of the future.

I tried viewing his predictions for 2004, but sadly, they're expired.

But I've saved a copy of the page and if I remember, will visit them next year to see how well ol' Fred here scored. It won't be easy, since some of his “predictions” aren't predictions at all:

Emissaries of Light have been arriving on Earth since the late 1970s. These are children who were trained in spirit-form to help elevate world consciousness. Unfortunately, many of these children have not been able to cope with the prevailing negative energy of current Earth. These children, who are brilliant and spiritually powerful, are literally disintegrating energy-wise and falling into mental confusion such as ADHD, ADD, depression, and anxiety. We try to make them conform to our sense of reality by medicating them. The medications are literally interfering with the unique neural activity that was the tool they were given to help the world. By reducing their sensitivity through these harsh medications, we have done them and the world a great injustice.

Predictions 2005

Um … yeah. How is that a prediction?

My prediction? He'll sweept these under the carpet and have new, even more innane predictions for 2006.

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