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Monday, Debtember 20, 2004

Yeah, they're that bad

Spring picked up the Sunday paper on, well, Sunday and the first thing I snagged was the Sunday Comics.

I shouldn't have bothered.

Thankfully it wasn't my money this time.

Even Berkeley Breathed's new comic strip, Opus, was … eh (the first three panels were funny, then it went downhill fast).

Foxtrot was mildly amusing.

Everything else? Dilbert? Peanuts? Baby Blues? For Better or for Worse? Mutts? Sherman's Lagoon? Born Loser? Brewster Rockit: Space Guy? Prickly City? Zits? Red and Rover? Luann? Blondie? (is that strip ever going to die?) Non Sequitur? Doonesbury? Prince Valiant? (the artwork on that one is worse than it was a decade ago—what happened?) Hi & Lois? Mary Worth? (do people still read this?) B. C.? Marmaduke? The Lockhorns? The (gag!) Family Circus? Get Fuzzy? Cathy? (“Aaaaaaaaack!”) Baldo? Rose is Rose? The Wizard of Id? Curtis? Garfield? Hagar the Horrible? Sally Forth? Beetle Bailey?


Or worse (and really, the artwork on Prince Valiant was bad, really bad).

There wasn't even a joke in the Garfield strip:

Panel 1: Garfield: Food! (Pointing to food bowl)

Panel 2: Garfield: Bed! (Pointing to bed)

Panel 3: Garfield: Punching bag! (Pointing to Odie)

Panel 4: Garfield: Confidant! (Pointing to Pooky

Panel 5: Garfield: Soft touch! (Pointing to Jon)

Panel 6: Garfield: Honestly, what do you get the cat who has everthing?

Garfield, Sunday, December 20th, 2004

Basically, it was a waste of about fifteen minutes.

I'll stick with the web-based comics. Not because, as a whole, they're better, but because there's a wider variety, and even if 90% of them are worse than the syndicated newspaper comics, that still leaves more web-based comics that are better than the number of syndicated newspaper comics. Or a larger number of web-based comics that cater to my tastes.

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