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Wednesday, June 16, 2004

… but it's a moaning heat …

Nothing like listening to the wailings of a cat in heat. Yes, the past few weeks our new house cat, Tula has desperately wanted to mate and it's driving all of us (including the other cat, Spodie) absolutely mad. It got to the point where Spring even tooks matter in her own hand and attempted to quiet Tula down.


Didn't work.

So yesturday we finally got her to the vet. The operation was a success, thankfully, and the stitches will be coming out in nine more days.

Major Time Sink

Of all the computer games out there, Sim City is one of the few that I can play for extended periods of time. We're talking hours here. So it was bad news when Wlofie mentioned installing Sim City 3000 on one of the machines here.


There are some differences between the original version (which I'm used to) and this version. One, more fine tuned zoning, more services to operate, deals with other cities and more ways to obtain financing than raising taxes or embezzling funds). The one thing that Sim City 3000 doesn't have is a way to make bridges. The original version you could extend a road or railway across a body of water; this version you can't. Or at least I haven't found a way to yet.

Still fun.


Gotta stop.

Really gotta stop.

Okay, going to stop now.

Right after I finish zoning this area …

Garfield a commercial, not artistic, success

In his 1982 interview with Shapiro, Davis admitted to spending only 13 or 14 hours a week writing and drawing the strip, compared to 60 hours a week doing promotion and licensing.

Garfield's origins were so mercantile that it's fair to say he never sold out-he never had any integrity to put on the auction block to begin with. But today Davis spends even less time on the strip than he used to- between three days and a week each month. During that time, he collaborates with another cartoonist to generate ideas and rough sketches, then hands them over to Paws employees to be illustrated.

Via the Ferrett, Garfield—Why we hate the Mouse but not the cartoon copycat. By Chris Suellentrop

This certainly explains Bill Watterson's comment about Garfield being “consistent.” It also puts a different spin on my meeting Jim Davis, creator of Garfield.

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