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Monday, May 10, 2004

Totally new spectacles.

Last week Spring dragged me out to an eye exam and to select a new pair of glasses. It had been several years since my last exam and selection of eye glasses and Spring felt it was time to get a new pair.

So while I was waiting for her and The Kids to get their eyes examined, I perused the shop looking at glasses, and I'm amazed at what they're doing with glasses nowadays. I saw frameless glasses at $300.


As in, you get two lenses connected by a nose bridge, with the arms attached to the outer edges of the lenses. No frames. Arms are flexible though.


The pair I found, for a bit less than that, were ones I've been wanting for some time now.

[Twisty glasses] [And they look just like my old glasses] [Bendy glasses]


You can flex them. You can bend them. They spring right back into shape. So no worries about them getting out of true. They can't. And they weigh about half that of my old pair.

Quite nice.

And nearly indistinquishable from my old pair, as I found out when I came home with them today and Spring didn't even notice.


While picking up the glasses, I had a few minutes to kill before they were fully ready. Walking around the shop, I noticed that Britney Spheres has a line of eyeglasses! She doesn't even wear glasses, and she's hawking a bunch of spectacles.


A fresh design with every reload

StrangeBanana is a program that creates a random webpage design. The page design you are looking at has never been seen before - it was created programmatically just now. If you want, you can use this design for your own website (in that case you should save it immediately, because when you leave the page, you will never be able to get the same design again).

Via, StrangeBanana: Computer- generated webpage design

Another example of what is possible with CSS. Each time you reload the above page, you'll get a random design. It's a neat concept and the designs are workable but not really great. Perhaps I can use that idea for next April's Fool Day.

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