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Friday, April 02, 2004

Finally got my round to it

Well, the masses spoke, and 75% did not like my little design change of yesturday, finding it ugly and hard to read (although the one person who liked it enjoyed the retro feel of the design). But that wasn't a permanent design change—it was my own little April Fools joke (although in the process, it reverted a change Mark made to one of my posts as a joke (side note to Mark: next time, change the actual post)). So rest assured that the design is back to normal (that's the neat thing about CSS—it took all of five minutes to edit one file to change the entire look of the site).

As far as pranks go, it's pretty tame. I do recall in college pulling some decent pranks—the time some friends and I placed ”Beware of GOD” signs all over campus (someone had placed ”Beware of DOG” signs all over campus; we took them down, rearranged the letters and placed them back up). We even managed to place some on second story windows, facing in. Then there was the time we found some police tape, and strung it up in a few locations in the building we worked in on campus, along with tape outlines of bodies (best location: elevator with the hand sticking out on the second floor). We managed to scare the cleaning crew with that one.

Okay, so it's a far cry from the pranks at MIT, but as far as I could tell, we were the only ones at college to do such things.

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