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Wednesday, August 13, 2003

Enlightening Clouds

It was late Monday night (okay, since it was past midnight, it technically was very early Tuesday morning) when I finished cleaning the downstairs and taking out the garbage when I noticed some storm clouds off in the distance, backlit with the occastional flash of lightning. I had to grab the camera and tripod and attempt to capture the moment.

[Enlightened Clouds I] [Enlightened Clouds II]

It wasn't easy. First off, digital cameras aren't known to be fast. Or even medium. We're talking S-L-O-W. Given the settings I had to use, we're taking R-E-A-L S-L-O-W. At least three seconds from the time I hit the button until it started taking the picture, and another two or three seconds for the camera to make the exposure, and then another fifteen or so for it to process the image. Normally, for a static scene this isn't an issue at all. Even for a predictable action scene this isn't much of an issue once you get the timing down.

But lightning?

Perhaps if it was a stronger storm with flashes every few seconds it would have been easier, but this was relatively weak—two or three flashes per minute with no timing consistency what so ever. Out of twenty-six shots only those two came out. Generally, I would wait a bit, then press the button and hope that a flash would occur durring the exposure, but inevitably, I would see lightning during the processing phase.

I missed some incredible shots that way.

Okay, I missed some twenty-four shots this way.

Very annoying.

But, in viewing the shots I did get in rapid sequence it is neat to see the clouds billowing, even if twenty-four of the twenty-six shots are quite dark.

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